6 vegan food hacks that will change your life

6 vegan food hacks that will change your life

6 vegan food hacks that will change your life

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Whether you aim to eat more plant-based food for your health, the environment or the animals, supermarkets have more and more vegan products than ever. That said, having a few vegan food hacks up your sleeve never hurts.

  1. 1. Use aquafaba instead of egg whites – This is the gooey liquid in a can of chickpeas, this is magic for baking. Whip it up with an electric mixer and you have a healthy substitute for egg whites. You won’t taste the chickpeas at all!
  2. 2. Blend frozen bananas for a healthy ice cream – Keep peeled ripe bananes in the freezer. Blend them and you’ve got banana soft serve. From that, you can make as many ice cream flavour as possible!
  3. 3. Use flaxseeds, chia seeds, banana, applesauce or nut butter instead of eggs in baking – You can replace one egg with one tablespoon of ground flaxseeds and three tablespoons of water. Banana, applause and nut butter also make a tasty and healthy egg alternatives.
  4. 4. Use nutritional yeast for your cheese cravings – If you have not discovered nutritional yeast yet, you need to. This is the most amazing magical powder that you can add to sauces to give them a very cheesy flavour.
  5. 5. Swap butter for avocado – In baking you can swap out the butter for avocado. Indeed, the fat content ad texture makes it the perfect ingredient alternative. Then, on a daily basis, eating avocado on toast is way tastier than butter, isn’t it?
  6. 6. Use coconut milk for whipped cream – Empty a tin of delicious coconut milk into a container, leave to set in the fridge overnight, then whip!

Looking for more tips on a plant-based diet? Check out here! Do you have any food hacks that we didn’t share in this article? Then, comment! 🙂


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