Five prejudices about veganism

Five prejudices about veganism

It’s not tasty, it’s expensive, it’s not good for you… All prejudices about vegan food. Most people have the wrong idea about vegan food. Time to set these prejudices straight once again.

Vegan food is not tasty

Vegan food is at least just as delicious as eating meat and fish. Do you think so many people would eat vegan if it wasn’t tasty? I admit, you need to know how to prepare the food right. But when you know, vegan food can be extremely delicious, right guys? When cooking isn’t your thing, there are still plenty very simple and ready-made vegan meals for you to choose from.

Vegans are dull people

Some people associate veganism with negativity and pedantry, but that’s just not true. The funny thing is that people who become vegan usually enjoy life even more than before; they feel happier and much more energetic. They sleep better and enjoy food that they had never heard of before. More energy and happiness just can’t make a person dull!

Vegan food is very expensive

This is not true either, because the base of a vegan diet is cheap: vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, potatoes and cereals. You can supplement that with products such as meat substitutes, fake cheese and vegan chocolate. Supermarkets have a fine range for herbivores and what about shopping at the market? You can make your vegan lifestyle as expensive as you want!

Vegetables don’t contain enough protein

People think that vegetable food contains too little or no protein at all. But that prejudice is just as false as the rest of them. Good sources of protein are: legumes, quinoa, oatmeal, soy products, lots of vegetables (broccoli, spinach etc.), nutritional yeast flakes, seeds and nuts. There are also countless vegetable protein powders based on hemp seed and peas, so bring on those muscles!

Vegans only eat super healthy

That a vegan diet consists mainly of vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, does not mean that you never have something unhealthy you can eat. Nowadays there is a vegan version of every product you can think of, pizza, cake, ice cream, French fries, chips, chocolate: whatever it is there is a vegan version of it. But only healthy foods? No way!