Foodtrends vegan/vegetarian 2017

Foodtrends vegan/vegetarian 2017

Which food trends are really booming in 2017? We have researched this and placed the following in front of you.


More and more people are consciously reducing their meat, fish and dairy consumption. As a result the number of vegans is also increasing enormously. Flexitarianism and veganism are now becoming the rule. A flexitarian is someone who consciously removes meat and fish from their menu one or more times a week. We can even say that flexitarism is an emerging trend. We hope, of course, that this trend, in contrast to most trends, continues to evolve in the next few years.


For more people who live more according to their conscience that means more vegetables too. Especially in restaurants, vegetables literally take over the plate. In the past the focus of the average restaurant was merely upon meat or fish, flanked by some potatoes or cereals and a stray piece of lettuce. Since the start of 2017 anything of animal origin has been displaced by creative vegetable preparations. Consequently, you will soon find dishes on your menu with nothing but vegetables. The choice of vegan dishes will therefore be expanded considerably.

Meat substitutes

Meat substitutes are no longer new, in recent years this phenomenon has grown rapidly. Most products often contain protein (and sometimes milk) and are therefore not completely vegan. Vegans must therefore check some labels more closely. A lot of families today exchange the meatball or the steak for a vegetable alternative. The demand for the so-called meat substitutes is rising and there are companies which are bowing to the new ‘alternative meat’ generation. In other words; meat substitutes which are hardly distinguishable any more from the original. And that ‘just real’ is a real trend in 2017.


As more people become aware of their eating behaviour, the demand for vegan food is rising. Supermarkets are therefore increasingly adding to all their veggie and vegan products. You will see a term like ‘vegan’ more and more often on the store shelves. Obviously this is a development which the specialist stores will feel financially, but that should not affect you a great deal. In any case, it contributes to the bigger and more important whole, and that is the real issue. The more people who eat vegetables, the better.

Detox soup

In the past year, you have not been (or anything like as frequently) bombarded with the info that juices and smoothies are the ultimate detox cure. According to the food trend polls, the days of the juices and smoothies are counted. That does not mean that the cleaning of the inner human being is also “not done”, on the contrary. The blender is merely replaced by the cooking pot. And by soup! Logical of course. Soup – just like a smoothie – is a simple and compact set of nutritious ingredients in one bowl or cup. Easy to make, easy to eat and healthy.


Not only are coconut milk, coconut cream and coconut grating completely ‘in’. Coconut-derived products such as coconut sugar, coconut chips and coconut oil are also used more often in the kitchen. Coconut aminos appear to be extremely popular; a herb sauce which can serve as an excellent alternative to soy sauce. This is because it is gluten-free and also appears to be healthier.