Have a merry vegan Christmas!

Have a merry vegan Christmas!


Great-Britain, Germany, and Austria are the places to be this December, because these are the countries that have vegan Christmas festivals.

Great-Britain even has multiple festivals. In London, the Vegan Christmas Market will be on December 17th. And in Manchester, the Vegan Organic Network Pop-up Vegan Christmas Fair will take place two weekends in a row: December 9th-10th and December 16th-17th. Lots of animal-friendly, delicious food with a great atmosphere! What more do you need?

In Germany, there will be two cities where you can eat some great food and buy your Christmas presents. These cities are Leipzig and Berlin. In Leipzig, the Veganer Weihnachtsmarkt will take place on December 10th. In Berlin, on December 17th and 18th, The Green Market will be the place to be.

Austria has the Veganer Adventsmarkt des Gasthofs Zur Allee in Vienna. This ‘adventsmarkt’ has already started, but will be there every weekend of the advent calendar.

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