Have you heard of Valsoia?

Have you heard of Valsoia?

Hi there! How does this pizza look? Delicious right? Well, Valsoia has a variety of delicious, 100% vegan pizzas! Did you know this? Valsoia also has a variety of dairy-free products, like delicious Italian ice cream. 

Is your curiosity (and are your taste buds) tickled by the thought of 100% vegan pizzas and ice cream? We sure hope so, because Valsoia offers different types of soy-based, vegan products. These products are inspired by the traditional Italian cuisine, but with a healthy, vegan spin to it. For more information about all Valsoia products, check their website here

Curious about how the 100% dairy-free ice cream is made? Based on the Italian tradition of delicious gelato, Valsoia takes that legacy and turns it into plant based ice cream that you can enjoy, worry-free. Check this video out to see how it’s made.

We have some good news for all the Dutchies: Valsoia is now available in the Netherlands in some stores across the country. Curious about where you can find Valsoia products in the Netherlands? We have a list for you hereThe list includes the variety of products available at each location!