These superfoods to have in your cupboard

These superfoods to have in your cupboard

These superfoods to have in your cupboard

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Quite often, we ask ourself if becoming vegetarian or vegan could be a risk for our health. This is safe to say that actually a plant-based diet is often more interesting in terms of nutrients, minerals and vitamins than animal products. And even sometimes, we discover some little bombs of health which are a great added-value to our daily life. These are our favourite ones and we can’t get enough of them:


This is an algae made with a ton of nutrients for a really small volume. It contains not less than 60g per 100g of protein (can we find better than that?) and this is also fully packed of B12 vitamins, and we all know how important are they when we have a plant-based diet.


This is a great alternative to cacao when we want to reduce our fat consumption, with only 1g of fat in one cup of carob and 50g in one cup of cacao, the choice is easily made. This is also your best friend in terms of energy. Indeed, this is a bomb of vitamins which allow you to swap your afternoon coffee by a healthy pick-me up hot chocolate with carob and plant-based milk. Not bad, isn’t it?


The famous one: turmeric! The best when it’s about boosting our immune system and this is also a powerful anti inflammatory (stronger than antibiotics!). To be added pretty much everywhere in your meals or into your smoothies, this is a good one to bear in mind. 

Goji berries

These little red berries are definitely your best friends in terms of macro and micro nutrients. They have a really good amount of protein, 15 times the quantity of iron that you have in spinach and they are also real super heroes when we need calcium, zinc and vitamin C. 

And you? What is your go-to superfood? Which one is your favourite? 

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