Vegan food trends 2017 & 2018

Vegan food trends 2017 & 2018

As we reach the end of the year it is time to take a little look over our shoulder and see what the vegan food trends were in 2017. And more importantly, what are the vegan food trends in 2018? As the (vegan) foodies we are, there is nothing more exciting then finding out what this coming year has in store.

What vegan food trends did we see in 2017?

Just like real meat
Vegan burgers that ‘bleed’ when you cut them. These burgers are said to look, taste and smell just like the real deal. Vegan bacon, to imitate the taste and feel of real bacon. Or what about vegan pulled pork. Meat substitutes can be unappealing to vegans, they sure do appeal to new-to-be vegans.

Milk that almond
The past year lactose intolerance has been an often talked about subject. Combine that with the fact that vegans obviously do not consume animal products, and there was a rising demand for some solid substitutes. Luckily a very diverse selection of dairy-free substitutes have had a come up in 2017. From rice milk to almond milk, and what’s better: you can find them in almost all supermarkets.

As the focus of our consumption shifts more and more to healthy products, high-protein foods were on their way up in 2017. Supporters state that high-protein foods keep you fulfilled longer, decreasing the chance of snacking or overeating. So shifting to a healthier diet, Amaranth, tempeh and edamame were in high demand this year.

What vegan food trends are to come in 2018?
We don’t only expect some dashing new products, we also see the rising of great vegan restaurants.

Fancy vegan
Vegan is becoming naturalised in our community and that’s a great thing, for our environment, and for us! Because restaurants everywhere are adopting it, haute cuisine is getting vegan as well. In short, that means more delicious choices for vegan dining.

Back to basics
On the other hand, you can leave all those complicated and processed dishes in the shops, because this year is all about real taste and simplicity. We want to know what we eat, we want to see it, smell it and most of all taste it.

Put some junk in your trunk
Yes, we’re getting more aware of what we eat, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t crave some junk food now and again. But we do want to eat mindfully, so vegan junkfood is emerging (yay!). Vegan food is thus not necessarily the equivalent of healthy food.