Vegan friendly holiday tips!

Vegan friendly holiday tips!

Going on holidays should be a relaxing experience, a way to forget your problems for just a few weeks. However, sometimes being vegan can bring its problems in a foreign country. This is why we’ve listed our top 5 favourite vegan-friendly places to visit! To be extra environmentally friendly, all these countries are in Europe; so you could even visit them by train!

Number 1: Germany

If a vegan heaven would exist, it would probably look a lot like Berlin. With not only vegan friendly restaurants, but all-vegan bakeries, doughnut shops and coffee places, Berlin might be the best city to visit if you want to have a taste of the future. However, while you’re there anyway, try some other German cities such as Hamburg or Cologne as well! They might surprise you 😉

Number 2: London

Number two on our list might be an obvious one – but hey, that means we just cannot skip it! London is of course one of the biggest cities in Europe, and with more than 8.7 million citizens, the booming vegan trend might not be such a shocker. This only means that it is not only a city that offers ore than enough to do – but also more than enough to eat! Try for instance places like Young Vegans for some take-out, go to Cookies&Scream for your daily dosis of sweets,or visit Itadaki Zen if you want to go out for dinner!

Number 3: Warsaw

With over 30 full-vegan restaurants, number three on our list just had to be Warsaw. Just a few you could try out are Vegan Ramen Shop (the name tells you all you need to know!), Edamame (for some vegan sushi), or one of the many falafel places (such asTel Aviv Food & Wine).

Number 4: Budapest

Also more land inwards is Budapest: to our big surprise this city is not only amazingly vegan-friendly, but is just an overall huge recommendation to visit sometimes. If you’re there, try out some places like Vegazzi for some amazing vegan pizza, Madal Food for an all-round vegan menuor Vegan Love for some classic burgers!

Number 5: Porto

And last, but definitely not least – a city very close to our hearts, the beautiful Porto. After a full day of chilling near the river, go back into the city and treat yourself with a burger at Black mamba! Or, while you’re at it, go to Porto dos Gatos to eat amazing vegan food AND cuddle with some cats! More in the mood for a quick snack on the go? Try out some of the vegan pizzas at Hand’Go Away!

Of course, Europe is filled with way more vegan-friendly cities! One of our top tips on holidays, is the website HappyCowThey have lists and reviews of all the vegan, vegetarian and veg-friendly spots in every city! Download their app and you won’t have any trouble finding a place to eat on holiday. 😉

What are your favourite places to visit?