Vegan Potluck Day Rotterdam 2017: eat the rainbow!

Vegan Potluck Day Rotterdam 2017: eat the rainbow!

1, 2, tradition! Since 2015 Vegan Potluck Day has been organized in Rotterdam on the first sunday of August. This year is no difference, so bring your vegan food and your friends for a great day.

What is a potluck?
A potluck is a gathering of people, where all guests bring a dish and something to drink. In this case of course a plant based dish (so no meat, fish, cheese, milk, yogurt, eggs, honey or other animal products/ingredients). This way you can meet people, have a nice meal and discover new dishes.

The theme will again be ‘Eat the Rainbow’. So bring your most colourful dishes for everyone to try.

Please don’t forget to bring:
– A blanket to sit on;
– Plate, cup and cutlery (so we don’t have to use disposables);
– Something to drink;
– A list of ingredients of your dish, in case of allergies;
– Your dish of course

More info:

Will you be there? Enjoy!