Top 5 veggie and vegan-friendly places in Paris

Top 5 veggie and vegan-friendly places in Paris

Top 5 veggie and vegan-friendly places in Paris

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Great news! This is not a painful adventure anymore to find beautiful and delicious places in Paris.

Nowadays, reducing our animal products consumption is a thing and this is so pleasant to see how much plant-based restaurants are growing in Paris. Because being veggie/vegan and enjoying a bit of time with your friends and family is not tricky anymore, and that is amazing.

Here are 5 of our favourite places which smell like Summer in your plate (and your belly) 😉

Welcome Bio, 11ème arrondissement de Paris 

An organic concept store that leaves you with the idea of walking around and enjoying your time there by grabbing a coffee, getting lunch or just chilling there with your friends. This is all about organic and ethical products, so no mistakes juste good meals that feel like home!

Les Bols de Jean, 2ème arrondissement de Paris

Jean Imbert, an awesome french chef launched an original restaurant concept: eating in a bread bowl. You can’t go wrong with his typical french and delicious food.

His added value? He created a veggie bowl “Bol Végétal” encompasses tomatoes, basilic mousse, mozzarella di Buffala and black olives. What a better way than that to bring Summer in your plate?

La Verrière, 7ème arrondissement de Paris

A lovely and colourful place where every thing is homemade and served as a buffet. This is not a bad idea isn’t it? You will find organic products only, a simple but generous cuisine and this shows how possible it is to be veggie and having tasty meals!

La Verrière also has a health and wellness area and even an art gallery! propose un espace santé et de bien-être et une galerie d’art! A good opportunity to spend a bit of time there…

Maisie Café, 1er arrondissement de Paris

Looking for the ideal spot to chill and enjoy a good coffee? This french coffee shop offers a nice atmosphere and a healthy but tasty cuisine. With their juices that brighten your skin or calm your hunger: their Nut Shakes with cashew and rice milk and their homemade granolas, you can be sure to stay a bit longer than planned. This place is the perfect one to relax and feel better! 

Yummy & Guiltfree, 4ème arrondissement de Paris

Who said having a gluten and diary free diet will make your life boring? At Yummy & Guiltfree, we make the famous and classic waffle 100% gluten and lactose free. Golden and crispy, they just remind you your childhood and it feels so good! A really good place for everyone to share a delicious moment and enjoying our favourite comfort food. 😉

Whether you have a savoury or sweet tooth, you will find what you like and you will probably need to try them all actually…

Where will you go next? What’s your favourite vegan place in Paris? 

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