5x Shoes you didn’t know were vegan!

5x Shoes you didn’t know were vegan!

Are you trying to find other options for leather products? Shoes might be a good place to start – because there are a lot more vegan brands out there than you might think! We’ve got a few favorites listed for you!

  • Dr Martens: the vegan line

Did you know that Dr Martens has a whole vegan line with all of their classics veganized! They have both shoes and sandals, so they got you covered during each season 😉

  • Fila Disruptor:

With this one you’ll have to be careful, because there are several editions of these shoes. The vegan ones are from the original Heritage line. Make sure you check the description for “synthetic”! And if you’re not sure, just ask the person in the shop 🙂

  • Vans, All Stars, Nikes:

All shoes from these brands that are made from canvas are, in fact, vegan – since they all do not use any glue with any animal products!

We hope this article will help you in finding easy, vegan options for something as simple as buying new shoes! Of course, there are many many more options – so keep on exploring!