Vegetarian crispy chick’n salad

Vegetarian crispy chick’n salad

Sometimes there are days that you want to eat something else than you always do. This chickenless crispy chick’n salad will be perfect for lunch. Yum!

Servings: 2

Time: 30 minutes


1 pk Gardein 7 Grain Crispy Tenders

150 g whole grain pasta

1 red bell pepper

4 leafs of crispy lettuce

4 tbs green pesto

2 tbs olive oil

Salt and pepper to season

How to prepare in only a few steps: 

Prepare the 7 Grain Crispy Tenders as described on the packaging. Boil water and ad a pinch of salt and boil the pasta according to the descriptions. Rinse the bell pepper and salad before you chop the pepper and shred the lettuce. Cool the pasta with cold water when it is done. Mix the pasta with green pesto, olive oil, bell pepper and lettuce. Add salt and pepper to taste. Place the 7 Grain Crispy Tenders on top and serve.

A simple and tasty dish, enjoy!