Vitamin B12: what you need to know if you decrease your meat consumption

Vitamin B12: what you need to know if you decrease your meat consumption

Vitamin B12: what you need to know if you decrease your meat consumption

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Yet often misunderstood, vitamin B12 is actually essential when you want to go vegan (or even vegetarian). A deficiency in vitamin B12 is one of the most common deficiency in the world. This is why, it is good to take some notes now and learn new things to avoid any health issues. 

Vitamin B12 helps nervous system on different levels. Indeed, it helps maintain nerve cells health but also protects our nerves. Here are 6 of the main benefits you can have from this vitamin:

Benefits of vitamin B12:

  1. Improves your skin and your hair

This is essential to maintain a good skin, healthy hair and nails, because this is a huge actor in cell replication.

  1. Helps maintain your energy level

It helps your metabolism because it converts carbs in glucose so your body can easily use it. This is actually the reason why people with a B12 vitamin deficiency are most of the time really tired.

  1. Improves your mood

It helps regulate your nervous system, including mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. This is also necessary for being focused and learning new things.

  1. Fights anaemia 

This is essential to produce enough red blood cells. Therefore, it helps fight against a specific kind of anaemia, calls megaloblastic anaemia, that includes chronic fatigue and dizziness.

  1. Helps your digestive system

It produces digestives enzymes. This is why, this is necessary for a good metabolism and good nutrients absorption in your stomach. It improves good bacterias in your gut, and thanks to them you avoid these bad bacterias that create digestive problems and bowel disease.

  1. Prevents hearth health

It is essential for cardiovascular health. Indeed, it reduces heart attacks risks by decreasing homocysteine (amino acid) level in the blood. It helps regulate levels of cholesterol and blood pressure.

Where to find vitamin B12? 

The richest food in vitamin B12 are meat, such as chicken, lamb, beef, and fish, such as salmon tuna. We can also find some in eggs and diary products.

Where to find some vitamin B12 if we don’t eat meat?

Fortified food are also high in vitamin B12. Indeed, some of plant-based milks such as fortified almond milk, soy products (yogurts), some products with algae (spirulina) and yeast (nutritional yeast) or even some cereals (fortified muesli). But if you guarantee a good supplement in vitamin B12 on a daily basis, vitamin B12 supplements are the best. You can find at the pharmacy (without prescription), organic food stores and online.

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